Full-Blown Creative

IAMS Smart Puppy Formula


Realized: 2006
Client: IAMS (while at Targetbase)
Delivered: GUI, Video Editing, Video Shoot (through AMS), Video Assets for Code

iams-proactive-health-smart-puppy-small-toy-breedf77f3be96b1f6394958cff000067515eDoesn’t get much cuter than puppies playing on a webpage. This was designed to allow users to interact with puppies in various settings. Users could roll a ball or tell puppies to sit. Besides the Flash site, this included Rich-Media banners as well. AMS did a fantastic job on set. All videos were converted to FLVs and this was before Flash had FLV integration. XML was used to call videos, making for a very fluid, interactive experience.

About IAMS Smart Puppy

Designed for puppies ages 1-12 months, IAMS ProActive Health Smart Puppy formula nourishes your puppy to help keep him at his best. Natural fish oils with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), a nutrient vital for optimal brain development, help promote smarter, more trainable puppies. Protein sourced from chicken and egg helps build strong, firm muscles. Seven essential nutrients nourish the heart; essential minerals promote strong teeth and bones; and antioxidants help develop a strong immune system.