Full-Blown Creative

Facial Hair League Competition Installation

The center of every FHL party

Realized: April 2016
Client: FHL – (Facial Hair League)
Delivered: Creative Direction, Design, Production
Naked Guy Photographer
Thomas Pomeroy –
666 Photography (Austin, TX)

Mug Shot Photographer
Dan Herrera Studio

Abstract Explosion has been partners with the Facial Hair League since day one. FHL contest events are a blast, and the environment needs to reflect that.

Abstract Explosion created this series of booth display that feature its members as the unique and rare individuals they are.

These large displays (10′ x 20′) are the center of attention at all FHL events across the United States serving as irreverent and fun backdrops for photos and selfies.

The Facial Hair League brings together hundreds of international facial hair clubs and thousands of enthusiasts focused on raising money for non-profit organizations and celebrating the fun and creativity of facial hair. FHL live competitions encourage philanthropy from its large base of members. Events are often in excess of 300 participants, all focused on having fun and raising funds for those in need. FHL judges and live, crowd-sourced voting declares winners in several facial hair competition categories. Each category’s winners’ pot goes to his or her chosen charity. Yes, ‘her’ charity. There are even competitions for those women and kids that have a creative flare for making fun facial hair costumes. It’s fun for the whole family.
Every FHL competition is a celebration of diversity, and the atmosphere needs to reflect this. Leveraging great photography of the many individuals that compete in the FHL, these larger-than-life installations give the essential pizazz these unique competitors demand.


Photographer :Thomas Pomeroy – 666 Photography (Austin, TX)

Photographer : Dan Herrera Studio